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Welcome To MetaFIT Plaza in The Sandbox

A Complete Fitness & Health Metaverse Experience

An exciting project within The Sandbox is launching soon! The Metafit project will have up to 15 unique brands that all provide products, goods, or services within the fitness, nutrition, and mental health spaces at the least. This will be a community-driven project that will provide incredible Learn2Earn (L2E), Play2Earn (P2E), and Move2Earn (M2E) game conquests and challenges with real-world NFT rewards and utility.

*Disclaimer, brand logos other than MetaFIT Gym are for illustration, video, and image example displays only and do not represent actual participants at this point in time.

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MetaFIT GYM The Fitness Metaverse


MetaFIT Gym will be on the first and sub-level of MetaFit Plaza within The Sandbox Game. It will be an all fitness inclusive game, challenge quest for players to immerse themselves in.

  • Traditional gym experience with a metaverse twist
  • Free wights, machines, and all necessary equipment
  • Crossfit, Yoga, Spinning, Boxing, Pilates, and much more
  • Entire MetaFIT Plaza is fitness related with outdoor race tracks, agility courses, pet parks, rock climbing, zip lines and more.
  • NFT gated conquests, games, challenges for rewards
  • Innovative NFT based advertising and sponsorships available
  • Some of the MetaFIT Gym NPC Characters On A Mission To Engage Players!

Some of the MetaFIT Gym NPC Characters On A Mission To Engage Active Players!

Players will need to engage NPC's doing different activities to complete quests and challenges to earn NFT real world utility rewards.
Some of the Evil Fast Food Zombies Trying to Kill Our Players!

At MetaWin Media, we have unique and exclusive sponsorships and advertising positions available within the MetaFIT Gym experience coming soon to The Sandbox in Alpha-4. Contact us for more information.

MetaWin Media Dashboard Coming Soon
Proving brands with all the tools they need to succeed in the Metaverse

We will be launching our modular based brand dashboard soon that will provide all the tools to succeed in the Metaverse. Our tools will allow brands to view metaverse experience data, create/manage brand NFTs, smart contracts, and much more. Please subscribe or contact us to be notified when we launch this experience.

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MetaWin Media

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