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Our MetaWin Mission

At MetaWin Media, our mission is to offer turnkey processes to your team or brand while enabling you to interact and work within the Metaverse. Our goal is to build trust and confidence while educating partners on the best practices to navigate and thrive within this rapidly innovating space.

FAQ About Our Services & The Metaverse

No, unless you want to! Our mission is to make your entry into the Metaverse with less risk, easy access and fast deployment and execution.

Great question! This 100% depends on the complexity of the project and the experience you want to have. It can be turnkey with one of our pre-existing solutions or custom made. Just expect ranges from 2-8 weeks.

No, we have expert teams ready to go! Will walk you through the entire project from start to finish. Our mission is always to educate as well, so an amazing learning experience for you and your team.

Yes and No, really depends on the type of brand experience you want to have and how that translates into real-world benefits for your customers. Regardless of what you choose we can support you on all levels of NFT creation, management and utility with our turnkey tools.

It is highly recommended to help visualise the experience across your team and stake holders. We can support you with this creation as well through our partner channels.

Absolutely, but it really depends on your mission and the experience. It also provides a very low production cost with this additional revenue channel.

Brands will be able to reach a new, digitally engaged, younger audience.

Depends on your brands vertical, but just imagine anything you can do in the real world with a twist. Live events, new product launches, NFT white-list, customer support, immersive experiences, gamified games/quests, and much more. Contact us and our experts would love to do an initial brainstorm with you.

We believe community is everything, engaging, retaining content. The metaverse allows you to build these communities and a creative, immersive platform in which to engage them.

Meet The Metaverse Team!

Chad Smalley
Chief Metaverse Officer
Eric Clark
Advisor - Marketing
Bruce Hoffman
AI/Analytics Advisor

    MetaWin Media Dashboard Coming Soon
    Proving brands with all the tools they need to succeed in the Metaverse

    We will be launching our modular based brand dashboard soon that will provide all the tools to succeed in the Metaverse. Our tools will allow brands to view metaverse experience data, create/manage brand NFTs, smart contracts, and much more. Please subscribe or contact us to be notified when we launch this experience.

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    MetaWin Media

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